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Machalek family.

ARTCRISTAL BOHEMIA • In a township Velký Osek near Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, we have opened a family glassworks. Since 1992, we have been producing original decorative glass products. It was Mr. Jan Machálek with his spouse Irena, who built the glassworks from the grassroots. A few years ago, their son Jan joined them.

In here, we produce collections of unique glass products suitable especially for interior decorations. Our products are uniquely produced to make a complementary collection for our customers.

We deliver our products to approximately 300 shops and smaller galleries around the world, from the US to Australia. Many of our products may also be used as sports trophies.

Our motto reads: „We enjoy doing things that bring joy to others“.



We are proud that our glass brings joy to many people beyond the Czech Republic.

• We produce original sports trophies, which we can customise with any logo. Thanks to cooperation with an American company licensed for the US Open and PGA Tour events, even the best sportsmen of the world can have our products. One of them was Bianca Andreescu, the winner of US Open 2019.

• The Embassies of the Czech Republic use our products as gifts for their partners abroad.

• Companies can order corporate gifts decorated with their company logo. For example, we have completed orders for the Swiss bank EFG Bank, Givenchy, Hotel Hilton Prague and ThermoKing.

• We can prepare our products with the text or logo of the event for award winners. For example, Jens Stoltenberg, Karel Gott and many others received our product.

Bianca Andreescu, US Open 2019


The whole product is handmade in our glassworks

Melting of glass
GLASS MELTING • For glass production we use raw materials of our own composition recipe, resulting in the so called „Bohemia Crystal“. The mixture of raw materials is melted overnight in a glass furnace at a temperature of approximately 1400 °C. The glass mass must then be cleaned and homogenized before being cooled to the working temperature of around 1180 °C.


Production of glass products
PRODUCTION • Glassmakers are picking up glass mass on the blowpipe. With the help of special tools, internal decors and resulting shapes of the product are formed. For further processing the finished product must be cooled down overnight to a temperature of about 30 °C in order to prevent breakage.


Grinding of glass
GRINDING • After separating the product from the blowpipe, it is necessary to grind it off in several stages. One starts with the coarsest abrasive and finishes with a final polishing mixture. This leads to creation of a smooth and transparent surface.


Packaging of glass products.
PACKAGING • Finished products are signed with the company logo on the bottom. When embedding the final product into a shipping box, a certificate of origin is included. The products are shipped from our warehouses directly to our customers.
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